Yellow ECOSOLID Oil containment Boom, harbour Boom packed in a NOFI Boom Bag system Se film

AllMaritim is one of the leading international suppliers of high-quality Oil Spill Response Equipment. Our aim is to satisfy a demanding oil industry in their continuing goal of zero spills and protection of the environment. Our most prominent associates are NOFI Tromsø AS and NOREN Bergen AS, manufacturers of a wide range of high-quality oil containment booms and oil recovery systems, respectively. In addition, AllMaritim is also a full-scale supplier of a variety of sorbent products, beach cleaning equipment, and industrial spill kits primarily for the domestic market. In addition, AllMaritim also supplies a wide range of products for the Aquaculture industry, products like Re-Catch Systems, Rescue ladders, Secondary containment systems, and Environmental bags for net transport, all produced by NOFI Tromsø AS

Our TEAM consists of a highly dedicated sales force with a wide range of marine experience. We strive to meet our clients’ demands in search of the best possible response solutions. We offer a wide range of NorMar oil recovery systems and NOFI oil containment booms for all operations, from coastal zones to offshore waters. With a focus on high quality, ease of operation, and little to no maintenance requirements, the systems have proven themselves in a high number of oil spills worldwide.

Our product range is the best available technology when it comes to technical innovation and quality, as well as operational efficiency. Our aim is to continuously contribute to the constant development of products and custom-made solutions with a high degree of engineering know-how. Our goal is to provide our customers with environmental products that make a difference.

AllMaritim is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and has a certification of qualification by Achilles.

All who collaborate with AllMaritim shall feel safe in regards to how we treat your personal information and the environment, for more detailed information please see our Privacy Policy and our Environmental Policy.

AllMaritim is a supplier of environmental products that make a difference.