PE Pallet Sumps and Drum Bunds

Secondary containment storage units have become increasingly important in a constant focus for protecting the environment, not only as a tool for complying with laws and regulations, but also considering increased knowledge about the extent of damage small daily drips can have to the environment and not just the one large spill which one hoped would never occur. These storage solutions from CEMO and ENPAC are made of 100% polyethylene and will therefore never be subject of corrosion. Low tare weight and flexible solutions ensure practical and safe barrel handling.

PE Pallet sumps

Cemo pallet sumps for 2 or 4 drums. Adapted for use with standard Euro Pallet (120 x 80 cm). Can store everything from smaller units such as cans and buckets to 200 L drums. The environmental pallets satisfy 110% collection of the largest unit. As an alternative to the Euro pallet, you can get custom gratings in PE as an option if you wish.


Product Number



Price Ex. VAT.
CEMO Pallet Sump 2 drums CE11257 1230 x 830 x 440 mm 13 kg NOK 2 900,-
CEMO Pallet Sump 4 drums CE11266 1670 x 1270 x 360 mm 17 kg NOK 3 850,-
CEMO PE grating CE10286 1200 x 800 x 60 mm 8,5 kg NOK 950,-

Drum Hard Cover Spill Pallet

Ideal indoor and outdoor storage of 2 or 4 drums. The lockable rolling door means that it requires minimal space. Inside, there is a collection bund at the bottom with collection capacity with 110% of contents in the largest container. The ceiling has extra height for the use of barrel pump. Hard Cover can be opened from both sides.

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Product number


Collection Capacity


2 fats Hard Cover4060-YE

L1530 x B950 x H1850 mm

220 liters900 kg
4 fats Hard Cover4064-YEL1600 x B1440 x H1750 mm250 liters
2700 kg
Poly Ramp
L1700 x B770 x H320 mm
450 kg
Poly Ramp Extender
Nødvendig for 2 fats Hard Cover enheten