Choose from several standardized Spill Kits or you can go for a fully customized Spill Kit. We are happy to help you find the optimal composition of equipment for your Spill Kit.

Oil Spill kit 200 - 500 liters

We supply Spill-Kit and emergency preparedness solutions for indoor and outdoor use. Our standard solutions Terminal-Kit (200-500 liters) ensure a quick response in the event of an oil spill

Marine (SOPEP) Oil Spill Kits

SOPEP Kits= Spill Kits to follow Emergency plans for oil pollution on board a vessel.

Mobile spill kits

Compact Spill Kits with many applications in transport and industry. The Ecosorb Mobile Spill Kit is easy to fit into a vehicle or on board a boat.

Oil Boom Readiness Storage Crate

Oil Boom Readiness Storage Crate-Stores up to 100 meters of absorbent oil booms with skirts, fully connected and ready for use. Solid and weatherproof box.