ECOSOLID Solid Floatation Oil Boom

ECOSOLID is a robust and environmentally friendly solid floatation oil boom, ready for use in harbors, fjords and sheltered areas.

ECOSORB Sorbent Oil Boom

Ecosorb Oil Adsorbent Booms work quickly and have a high absorbent capacity and rupture strength.

ECOPROTECT Permanent Oil Containment Boom

ECOPROTECT Permanent boom is suited for long-term use and is considerably more robust than traditional oil booms.


The ECOFLEX Series booms are easy to handle high quality fence booms for use in harbours and coastal applications.

ECOSPEED in  container

ECOSPEED Self Inflating Oil Boom

The ECOSPEED booms are air-filled containment booms that expand instantly as they come off the reel during deployment, without the need for blowers, compressors, or other forms of external air supply. Instead, the air is sucked in through the flush-mounted breathers situated on the top of the boom, thereby filling the floats with atmospheric air.