Yellow ECOSOLID Oil containment Boom, harbour Boom deplyed on blue ocean.

ECOSOLID Oil Boom is a robust and environmentally friendly solid floatation oil boom, ready for use in harbors, fjords and sheltered areas. The floatation device is specially constructed to ensure optimal operative qualities, without the possibility of secondary pollution (no Styrofoam). The boom is available in 250 and 350mm freeboard in 25m sections.

ECOSOLID Oil Boom has numerous operational upgrades from standard harbor booms, including high durability, robust fabric composition, and increased visibility. Please contact us for more information. ECOSOLID is the only oil boom approved for use in the NOFI BoomBag System, it is also fully compatible with the NOFI EP 250 and 350 Series.

Technical specifications:

Operating Environment Havner og beskyttet farvann Havner og beskyttede farvann
Height 600 mm 800 mm
Free Board 250 mm 350 mm
Skirt Dept 350 mm 450 mm
Standard Length 25m 25m