NOFI Current Buster towed by a single Vessel, while a support vessel checks the separator compartment of the system. Se film

The NOFI Current Buster Technology represents a revolution in oil spill containment systems and holds an international patent. It has the unique ability to collect and concentrate spilled oil in current exposed waters or when being towed at high speed. What differentiates the NOFI Current Buster system from other high-speed oil booms is the built-in separator. 

The system is designed to separate contained oil from water and to retain the oil inside the separator. The process results in a thicker layer of oil which in turn offers great advantages when pumping the collected oil on board vessels or into storage tanks. The NOFI Current Buster has demonstrated in real-life conditions that it is capable of sweeping, containing, and separating oil from seawater at towing speeds up to 5 knots. 

As many as 48 systems were in operation during the Deepwater Horizon blowout in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. The NOFI Current Buster can be used together with a BoomVane which allows the user to operate as a single-vessel sweep system. This towing configuration gives the operator many advantages such as reduced response time, increased efficiency due to stable configuration, better operating and safety conditions for the user, and reduced costs due to the use of only one vessel. 

NOFI Current Buster® Serien

ModellFree BoardTotal LenghtFront Opening
NOFI Curent Buster® 2/SW Ø 600 mm 27 m 15 m
NOFI Curent Buster® 2 Ø 600 mm 27 m 15 m
NOFI Curent Buster® 4 Ø 800 mm 35.2 m 22 m
NOFI Curent Buster® 6 Ø 1000 mm 62.9 m 34 m