Single-point inflatable offshore boom

The ECOMARINE boom is the most advanced offshore boom system available today. The boom expands instantly during deployment, due to coils of high-pressure air hoses taking a spiral shape as soon as the boom comes off the reel. 

As the boom expands, atmospheric air is drawn in through dedicated breather hoses, filling the floats with air. The ECOMARINE boom’s inflation system reduces deployment and recovery times, as well as personnel requirements, to a minimum.

ECOMARINE booms are designed to be stored and operated with an ECOREEL with turntable and integrated air delivery system to inflate the boom automatically while being deployed.

The ECOMARINE boom system is best operated using the remote control of the ECOREEL from any position on board the vessel. A single operator can control boom inflation, deployment, and recovery with a full view of all movements.

Inflation system Self-inflatable
Type of floatation Double spiral hose/back up system
Section length [m] Up to 400 m
Freeboard height [mm] 600 800 1000 1200
Draft (skirt) [mm] 900 1100 1200 1500
Buoy light pockets Yes
Reflex Yes, every 5 m
Deployment time Fast deployment, typically 15 min 300 m.