Yellow Boom deployed in grey waters.

The NOFI Spill Raider is the most advanced offshore automatic inflatable oil containment boom available, developed with focus on operational safety, fast deployment and greater versatility. The NOFI Spill Raider is designed with focus on operational efficiency i.e. deployment speed, inflation method, less manpower needed and wave following characteristics. 

The NOFI Spill Raider system can be operated by one person and a 400 m long/1200 mm boom may be deployed in less than 20 minutes without pre-pressuring the system. The NOFI Spill Raider technology also includes a redundancy system, allowing the system to be operated in situations with no functional inflation system. Built with a sealed freeboard, with no continuous air supply needed, the system can be transferred from one vessel to another. 

The sealed freeboard significantly lowers the maintenance- and lifespan costs of the oil boom as only exterior cleaning is needed. The NOFI Spill Raider system performs to the best standards in the market and meets all international requirements.

NOFI Spill Raider

ModelSR 800SR1000SR1200
Free Board Size 800 mm 1000 mm 1200 mm
Skirt Dept 950 mm 1460 mm 1560 mm
Towing Speed 1-1,2 knots 1-1,2 knots 1-1,2 knots
Inflation System Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Deployment Time 12 min per 20 m 20 min per 400 m 25min per 400 m