Oil skimmers in different sizes and capacities, 0,5 m3/h to 350 m3/h. From small weir skimmer to the NorMar Offshore Skimmer for cost-effective oil recovery.

Mini Oil skimmers

Small Skimmers for oil recovery on industrial sites, harbors, and sheltered waters.

NorMar Skimmer tested Dock side.

Medium Oil skimmers

The NorMar Oil skimmers are designed as lightweight skimmers with a sturdy aluminum frame to protect the skimmer pump. The NorMar 30 – 100m3 range are all delivered with a self-adjustable weir attachement.

Offshore Oil Skimmers

The NorMar Offshore Oil Skimmer Series is designed to ensure cost-effective oil recovery and to be able to recover all types of oil, regardless of viscosity.