Oil Skimmers 0-30 m3/h

We supply compact skimmer solutions for oil collection in harbors, rivers, creeks, and tanks. 

Mini Weir Skimmer

NorMar Mini Weis Skimmer in use on a Diesel spill

NorMar Mini Weir skimmer can be connected directly to a vacuum truck or you can connect it to a vacuum pump of your choice, however, you need to be able to control the vacuum on the pump. We recommend a small electric vacuum pump that is easy to move and works silently, with this pump NorMar Mini Weir Skimmer will have a skimmer capacity of 455L per hour.

NorMar Mini Skimmer Package

NorMar Mini Skimmer Package including, NorMar Mini Weir, Combination skimmer and aggragate.

NorMar Mini Skimmer package consists of a skimmer head with a brush/disk cassette, mini weir skimmer, and a combi power pack (diesel). Skimming capacity of 15-30m3 per hour.


Nor Vac mouthpiece for vacuum trucks.

The NorVac works as a simple floating device that keeps the vacuum hose from sucking too much water, and connects directly to a vacuum truck or a vacuum pump.