Conventional Offshore System with NorMar Skimmer and NOFI SpillRaider aboard an Offshore Vessel

AllMaritim has through years of development and experience build up its reputation as the leading supplier of a variety of solutions within Offshore Oil Spill Response. Our solutions are based on highly sophisticated design and technology and are well tested and proven in demanding weather conditions.

AllMaritim can supply a wide range of high quality conventional Offshore oil containments boom, such as the NOFI 1000 series (manual inflatable) and the NOFI Spill Raider series (automatic inflatable). Both boom systems being build according to the well-recognized technology focusing on operational efficiency i.e deployment speed, inflation method, safety issues and wave following characteristics

In order to complete our Offshore solution, we can supply a variety of NorMar Offshore High Capacity Skimmer Systems. The NorMar Offshore skimmers have a recovery capacity in the range of 200-350m3/hr and are designed with a focus on quality, safety, maintenance to a minimum, easy to operate, remote operation, and cost-efficiency. The NorMar Offshore Skimmer can also be supplied with a built-in Multipurpose skimmer cassette system with discs and brushes added to the NorMar skimmer frame, which makes it possible to significantly improve the recovery efficiency of a wide range of oil viscosities.