NOFI Current Buster 6 towed after a Offshore Vessel with a BoomVane

High Speed Single Vessel Sweep System

The High-Speed Single-Vessel Sweep System is a self-contained system allowing the vessel to operate single-handed without any backup from other parties. A cost-efficient system that gives the operator great flexibility and a substantial increase in overall performance and recovery efficiency.

The all-in-one solution includes:

The NOFI Current Buster series was developed with an improved hydrodynamic shape that reduces the drag force and allows the system to move easier through water at up to 5 knots towing speed.

The BoomVane system, is a unique system when used together with a NOFI Current Buster. It is easy to operate and cost-efficient, as well as reduces the operator’s response time significantly. Safety is also an important factor as there is only one vessel involved, which eliminates communication between two vessels and the risk of damaging the equipment.

The NorMar Integrated Pump System (IPS), is a pump system designed to recover accumulated oil emulsion in the separator tank of the NOFI Current Buster models 4 and 6. The system is based on a “plug and play” version that can easily be used on any existing models of the NOFI Current Buster 4 and 6. The NorMar IPS consist of a free-floating umbilical, the NorMar pump float using either a DOP or MSP pump, water injection, and various storage alternatives. The NorMar IPS are designed with a focus on safe and easy operation, allowing oil emulsion to be pumped to the OR tank with the highest possible recovery efficiency.



Freeboard Size Ø 800 mm Ø 1000 mm Ø 1400 mm
Towing Speed (STW) 4 knots 5 knots 5 knots
Inflation System high capacity air
high capacity air
high capacity air
Length 35,2 m 62,9 m 64,8 m
Front opening 22 m 34 m 50 m
Separator 35 m3 70 m3 70m3

NorMar Integrated Pump System

ModelNorMar 3IPSNorMar 4IPS/HNorMar 4IPS/L
Application NOFI Current Buster 4 NOFI Current Buster 6 NOFI Current Buster 6
Pump/Capacity DOP 160/30m3/hr DOP 250/100m3/hr MSP 150/+350m3 / hr
Umbilial/Length 3'' / 60m 4'' /105m 4'' /105m
Storage 3m3 hydraulic reel 5m3 hydraulic reel 5m3 hydraulic reel