Environmental policy

Through its ISO 14001 certification, AllMaritim must ensure a high level of environmental awareness and competence throughout the whole organization. All employees are bound by our environmental policy, and we shall work actively to uncover both favourable and unfavourable environmental impacts in collaboration with our manufacturers and partners.

Through our management system for the environment, we will have a continuous focus on improvement to ensure the following:

  • Identification of important environmental aspects
  • Information and training for employees

  • Reduce the negative effect on the external environment

  • Comply with own, customer and authority-imposed requirements

  • Increased credibility towards customers and other stakeholders

  • Fulfillment of supplier requirements

100% from renewable energy sources.

Oil booms, absorbents and other oil recovery equipment produced by Markleen Management in Spain are produced exclusively on electricity from renewable energy sources.

This is possible because Markleen's factory is in the Aragón region, where electricity is produced from renewable sources such as water, wind and solar power. In particular, the wind and solar power plants around the factory are among the very largest in Europe, and the electricity consumed in Aragón comes 100% from renewable sources. Aragón produces more renewable energy than is used in the region, and as such export’s renewable energy.

Certificate from the electricity supplier which guarantees that the electricity supplied to Markleen Management SL is certified and comes from renewable sources.

Big Bags Manufactured by recycled bottles!

AllMartim and our partner strive to minimize our carbon footprint. Starting this October, all future big bags manufactured for us, filled with sorbents will be made in recycled materials. One big bag is now manufactured by recycling 117 bottles! Our sorbents is also manufactured by renewable energy sources. To learn mor please view attached film!

Green ECOSORB BigBag
Wind power park and solar energy plant in Aragón, Spain.


The UNs SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS is the world's joint work plan to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change by 2030.

8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth
12 - Responsible Consumption and Production
14 - Life Below Water
17 - Partnerships for the Goals
- are leading stars for our business and shall be a natural part of our culture.


The Transparency Act , together with other measures, will contribute to Norway's work in meeting the UN's sustainability goals of decent work and economic growth, which are a precondition for sustainable development.

AllMaritim implements, in accordance with requirements in the Transparency Act , due diligence assessments to map, prevent, limit and account for how we handle existing and potential negative consequences of our operations.

AllMaritim sells high-quality products with a long service life and low maintenance, which leads to a more efficient use of resources and a lower environmental impact.

We continuously work with tailor-made solutions to adapt the customer's needs to environmental requirements with a focus on less packaging/plastic and the development of more sustainable products.

AllMaritim is a supplier of oil protection equipment that helps limit the environmental impact of oil spills. Our High-speed Oil containment systems can also be used to collect plastic and trash from the sea.

Our oil-sorbent booms are manufactured with organically biodegradable fiber and do not contain microplastics.

Our Aquaculture department supplies re-catch nets that help limit the environmental consequences of escaped farmed fish.

In order to succeed with the sustainability goals, new and strong partnerships are needed. Authorities, business, and civil society must work together to achieve sustainable development.

Through good cooperation with our partners and suppliers, we will more easily achieve our objectives.