The purpose of the Transparency Act is to promote businesses' respect for human rights and decent working conditions, as well as to ensure the public's access to information. This is anchored through our procedures and Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct
Please see Code of Conduct for our suppliers and business partners.

Due diligence assessments
AllMaritim regularly conducts due diligence assessments of its own company, suppliers, and business partners in line with OECD guidelines to map, prevent, limit and account for how we handle existing and potential negative consequences of our operations.

Due diligence assessments are part of AllMaritim's system for risk management and we are in an ongoing process to survey all our current suppliers who are directly linked to our business, services or products to ensure that our Code of Conduct are respected, accepted and signed.

Status 27.09.2023:

  • All Norwegian suppliers have been sent our supplier assessment form.
  • Distribution of suppler assessment forms to foreign suppliers is carried out in week 40.

Contact Us
If you would like more information about how AllMaritim handles due diligence assessments or wish to notify if you suspect objectionable circumstances in connection with AllMaritim's operations, contact us at